jellyfish attack

We had the afternoon off for Memorial Day yesterday! The guy who is in charge of the farm has a car and offered to drive us to the BEACH! We are usually so busy with class and work and planning for Cambodia that we don’t have much free time, so this was quite a treat! Even the car ride was fun! {we don’t get out much, ha ha!} It was a perfect afternoon– until we went swimming.

Davey and I both got attacked by jellyfish. I got hit around the legs and Davey was snorkling and actually swam into them and got hit all over. My lash shows up more because I’m less tan, but boy did it hurt! Everyone on the beach kept telling us to pee on it, but we opted out because Davey got hit on the forehead and neck and that would just be weird.

Anyway, we lived to tell the tale 🙂

So much for a nice, relaxing day off!

Happy Memorial Day!

{Thanks for the hat, Mandy!}


3 thoughts on “jellyfish attack

  1. Hi Jess and Davey, I’m a little behind in keeping up with your blog, but I did it today. So sorry about the jellyfish. I remember how bad they were when we were there. Hanauma Bay(sp?) was closed for several days because of them. We almost didn’t get to snorkle at all. Hope your injuries are feeling better. Loved your wedding pictures. It was great seeing you even if we didn’t get to chat, Jess. We did though, Davey, so that was nice. We are praying for you both.

    Love, Aunt Jan

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