I love weddings, but hate flying.

We left Kona on Wednedsay night, hoping to maximize our time at home and fly through the night. Upon arrive in Newark, we were told we were in a holding pattern due to weather. About 1-2 hours later, we were told we were running out of gas and had to fly to Dulles in Washington DC to fuel up. So we landed and got gas and right as we were about to take off, they told us that Newark wasn’t accepting ANY flights. WHAT?!?!?! After a million frazzled nerves and some tears, we finally were allowed to land in Newark. We made it!

We heard it had been raining ALL week long in NJ but on Saturday, we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY for Jordan and Mandy’s wedding! Here’s the Minnema men the morning of the wedding:

Me and Greta are not only best friends, but now we’re practically SISTERS!!! It worked! We got our siblings to get married!

jumping around because we’re pretty excited

Mandy and the flower girls

the kiss

Me and my man

Mr and Mrs. Minnema!!!

Our “growing” family! {Amazing new sisters!}

It was my grandparent’s 56th wedding anniversary!


One of the best parts of the reception was the dance off between the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here’s a video of the guys amazing dance:

Missing Jake and Kim…

You can’t really see, but I spilled on my dress. Twice. Chocolate and bruschetta. Even the flower girls didn’t get anything on their dresses!

All in all, it was an amazing day! Congrats Jordan and Mandy! We love you!!!

All amazing days eventually end. Too bad it didn’t last… because Sunday was a disaster. We had a noon flight out of Newark and got through security in FIVE, yes FIVE minutes. We thought it was too good to be true! Well, it was. When we landed in Chicago, a layover we didn’t even know we had, we found out our flight to LA was delayed because of a mechanical error and a late start on the plane we were supposed to use. We tried to arrange another flight to Kona just in case we missed the connection. Well, we got on the plane and all of a sudden, it started POURING rain. The wind was so strong that the plane was moving back and forth. We couldn’t even see out of the windows. The “storm” lasted 5 minutes. But it delayed us over an hour and we missed our connection in LA.

So we stood on line for 3 hours to get a hotel and they refused to give us a hotel or meal voucher. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Out of principle, I didn’t want to spend money on a hotel due to a delay by the airline. We had every intention to camp out on the floor, but then we decided not to increase our misery and so we coughed up the money for a hotel. It was worth it.

The next morning we caught the shuttle back to LAX and were greeted with the most ginormous security line I have ever seen. It weaved all over and ended outside…at the next terminal. Just as we stood  at the end of the endless line, we were told to form another line… and we were FIRST! They walked us in a line, like we were in first grade, to the international terminal that was empty. We went through security in 10 minutes and were shuttled to a back entrance and into the terminal. It was too good to be true! And this time the good kept coming! We got exit row seats with a TON of leg room… you know, the ones right behind 1st class?! It was awesome! I guess the bad days make the good ones even better.

And we finally made it back.


6 thoughts on “I love weddings, but hate flying.

  1. What a great time we had celebrating Mandy and Jordan’s wedding with family and friends…and I had the best date ever!

    It was well worth the trip even though we spent almost twice as much time traveling as we did at home. But that was fine, because I had the best traveling partner ever, too!

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