and our outreach destination is…


As far as we know (and plans seem to change a lot here at YWAM) we will be going to a small fishing village in South Cambodia.

Our leaders know a man who started a school to educate the children, but it fell through due to lack of funding. So, from the bits and pieces that we know, we’ll be working with the kids, teaching English, possibly doing some construction and some MEDICAL WORK! They say that they have a whole room of medical supplies and no one to do anything with them! Here’s the map of where we’re [probably] going.

Here’s the whole story:

When we first got here, we heard we were going to China. God must have a sense of humor because China was the ONE place we didn’t want to go. Neither one of us felt a strong calling there and we really wanted to be passionate about where we were going. After a week of prayer, Davey and I decided to ask our leaders if there were any other options. They were very gracious and also wanted us to have a passion and a heart for wherever God led us, so they told us they’d look into other options.

Every week we would wait to hear if there was any more news on a new location, meanwhile, God really worked on our hearts and minds. After 3 weeks, we came to the conclusion that this outreach is not about us, or our comfort, or our preferences. If God wants us to go to China, we would gladly go and serve however he saw fit. I actually started thanking God for sending us there. But I also prayed that another location would open up too

At first it seemed like God was mean to make us go to the ONE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD we weren’t too keen on. (My friend, Sasi, from Malaysia uses the word “keen” and I love it.) But God is more concerned with the condition of our hearts and he humbled us and we finally surrendered, trusting that His ways are higher than ours and his plans are to prosper us and not harm us. So, last week we turned in our passports with the intention of getting Chinese visas.

Yesterday, Bob our leader, told us that we had a choice between China and Cambodia! He gave us 15 minutes to pray about it and we were not allowed to talk to anyone else about it… just God. So Davey and I went off to pray and both wrote Cambodia on our paper.

We have 22 people in our group and Bob told us that he might have to move some of us around, despite our 1st choice, to make the teams even.  I wondered if we felt strongly to choose Cambodia because God wanted us there, or because WE wanted to go there. I prayed all night that God would confirm our decision and make it clear.

Today we found out that over 90% of our group chose Cambodia so they decided that our whole team is going to Cambodia! Things seem to be falling into place and one of our leaders read an e-mail from a pastor in Cambodia who was SO excited and honored to have us come. We are so excited and cannot wait to see what God will do! These are all the details we have so far and normally, I’d be going crazy not knowing what to expect. But God is teaching us (me especially) to trust him and let him take care of the details.

Thank you for your prayers and support thus far! We wouldn’t be here without your support and encouragement! As we prepare to go, please pray for:

-The Cambodian people who we will be living with and serving, that they’d be open to the gospel and Christ’s love and that we’d be able to help them in tangible and sustainable ways.

– Safety. It will be monsoon season in Cambodia and although we’re going to a location that doesn’t typically get flooded, you never know.

-Health. After it rains, the mosquitoes come out and some can carry different diseases and illnesses.

– Financial support (we still need about $2000 + the cost of vaccinations)

3 thoughts on “and our outreach destination is…

  1. yay Cambodia! That’s awesome. I can teach you the Khmer for: hello, thank you, girl, boy, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, soy sauce, eat rice, stir fry, grandma, older sister, Aunt, and Fart (the middle schools assured i knew that one, hehe). All very helpful words of course 😉 hehehehe. SEE YOU SOOOOOOOOON

  2. Fantastic!! All your gifts (and some you didn’t know you had) will be used by God and for God with the Cambodians. God be with you in your travels and work!
    Love you both – Avery

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