last week’s treat

I didn’t forget to blog this week. I was just really sick and slept most of the day. I’m feeling much better now and so here’s an update.

Last week, our friends Doug and Valerie came to visit! Doug was our speaker ALL week and he was amazing (as usual). He taught us that:

Life with God is NOT a march, it’s a dance.

Basically, we want a prescribed 10 step plan for hearing God and doing his will. We don’t get that. Life with God is not about following rules, it’s about going with the flow with God and learning the dance as you go. And usually when we’re confused about hearing God’s voice, it’s because we’re too focused on our self.

So, WAKE UP! And start living instead of resisting everything that happiness. Forgive reality. Jesus didn’t come to reinforce our life, he came to give us NEW LIFE!

Aside from some amazing teaching, we were spoiled and got to go out to dinner with them one night. This is amazing for 4 reasons. 1. We got off campus! {we don’t have a car and so we never get out past as far as we can walk}, 2. we ate the most delicious food that was brought to us {we didn’t have to stand in the food line and eat the “chef’s special”}, 3. We got to dress up {we get dirty  and sweaty every day at the garden, so it was nice to wear a dress and put a flower in my hair} 4. we had an amazing time with amazing friends. We didn’t remember to take a picture at the restaurant, so we took one in our room. Just as good.

As if that wasn’t sheer bliss, they invited us to drive around the island on Saturday! Valerie’s dad used to live here, so they know the island very well. It rained most of the day but we’re used to that. {side note: most of you think we’re getting nice and tan. Wrong. It’s been raining–down pouring, thunder and lightning raining– for the past 4 weeks. It’s like a warm version of Seattle. They say it’s historically the most rainy season they’ve ever had. At least we’re here when history is made I guess.} Since we’re usually busy with class and work from dawn till dusk, this was such a treat to get off the base and spend the day with our friends. Here are some highlights:

windyDavey and Hanu at the black sand beach

walking to the lava tube

The lava made a tunnel

Rainbow Falls

Enormous banyan tree

Do you see Akaka falls behind us in the mist?

Akaka falls. weird name

Sun came out in Laupahoehoe (La-pa-hoy-hoy)

Waipi’o Valley


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