The big highlight on the campus was the dodgeball tournament we had on Friday.  You would’ve thought March Madness was going on. Here’s Davey’s 1st team, 5 for fighting:

All too quickly, after a few bad calls, they were out. But this one guy dislocated his shoulder and so his team needed a sub and Davey volunteered. His second team did great… made it to the final four! In the end, this team of little skinny boys almost beat the reigning champions. It was pretty exciting.

Dodgeball didn’t only offer a nice escape from the daily grind, it made me wonder how much of my life I spend dodging the things that are “thrown” my way… how often I try to run away from the reality of life, and when I get hit with something, I let it take me out of the game. My first reaction when something doesn’t go my way is to say {in a whiney voice} “But Godddd… how could you let that happen?!” Life is a lot like dodgeball. There are times when we feel beat down by all the “balls” that we just got pegged with. Times when we feel alone, hurting, or wondering if God even cares about our pain and loneliness. God’s word doesn’t say if we have trouble or if you have difficulties, God says WHEN you have troubles and WHEN you have difficulties; He wants to carry us through these times. Here’s a pretty amazing video about that:


3 thoughts on “dodgeball

  1. FUN Jess! Did you play too??? We can’t wait to see you for the wedding=) ……….. And I noticed from your pic that Davey and Dave have the SAME exact sneakers! (I don’t particularly like them though. They look too much like alligator teeth.)

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