We gave the blog a little facelift for three reasons.

1. When I was learning to surf, I usually wiped out. A lot. I’m a professional wiper outer. It didn’t take long to learn that when I fell off the surfboard into the churning wave, it hurt less if I just went with the flow. It’s not good fight the current and waste energy trying to find which way is up… especially since the way up changes every second when you’re underwater. I have found, by experience, that just going with the flow, despite my own will to breathe and not wanting to have a bathing suit filled with sand, I come to the surface faster if I don’t fight. And that’s how we want to live our lives. Going with the flow of what GOD has for us instead of fighting it because it doesn’t seem “right” in our finite eyes.

2. Waves have the power to change the shoreline. We hope that our lives will help shape others and inspire and invite them to an amazing life of freedom in Christ as we go serve them… whether that be in a medical clinic in the Amazon jungle, rebuilding in Haiti or teaching English in China. We want our lives to make a difference and help shape the shoreline for Eternity.

3. We were inspired by Lauren Cunningham’s vision in starting YWAM. He saw waves of “young people” going onto the shores of every nation, spreading the gospel everywhere.

Well, that’s all my thoughts for now. Gotta go to work duty in the garden. Yesterday we dug out a new bed, which was mostly uncovering and pulling out huge lava rock boulders. I was telling my friend, Kyeong Shik, that it’s hard for tall people like me to keep bending down to take out the rocks. He told me “You’re lucky that you’re tall because you’re closer to heaven and can hear God’s voice better.” I like that. Guess God knew I’d need the few extra inches to get his words through my thick skull. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “waves

  1. I LOVE THE WAVES OF YOUR BLOG……BUT, I, like you have fought those “waves of life” too!! šŸ™‚ šŸ˜¦ And I am thanking God that I am trying to learn to “go with the wave flow” more and more…not always easy, but when it comes down to it…there is NO WHERE else to go than WITH HIM!!!!

  2. Wow, I just realized that we are now part of the “waves of young people going to every continent,” vision that Loren Cuningham had over 50 years ago!

    What a great post. Riding this wave with you sure will be a fun adventure!

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