taste and see


I’ve been thinking a lot about the verse: “Taste and see that the Lord is good” Ps 34:8. There’s a lot to taste and see around here. Here we are on the farm… learning about natural farming techniques from one of the two qualified men in the country! {If you’re wondering what those water filled hanging gloves are, the “supposedly keep the flies away because when the fly looks at it, he doesn’t know where to go. So they say. I think the flies just fly under them.} Anyway, half of our campus is Korean. That means every meeting we have is translated into Korean. Yup. I have learned 2 Korean words: 감사합니다 and 안녕하세요. Translation: thank you: kamsa hamida. Hello: anya sayaho. I have lots of friends to practice those words with too! The best part about this “lecture” was the authentic Korean dinner we had after!

I decided to at least try everything. {except the sushi} The salad had bananas in it and a ginger dressing, there were these clear noodles that were pretty good but slimy, I wasn’t craving any more of the tofu egg dish and one bite of kim chee {fermented cabbage in spicy sauce} was plenty. The rice was good! This meal was such a welcome change from what we’ve been having for dinner this week: corn dogs, grilled cheese and leftovers. 

We had another treat this week too! Our friends Dave and Jess {yup, same names as us!} invited us, along with 3 other couples, out to dinner and to a concert at one of the hotels. They treated us to a spectacular dinner and I’ll tell you what… when you’re living on pbj and have eaten the SAME breakfast for over 2 weeks, going out to dinner is even more amazing than ever. We had a blast hanging out and being “normal” for the evening. And by normal I mean not rushing to the next scheduled part of the day or being able to pick what you eat for meals. Money has been pretty tight {like debating-if-we-should-do-laundry-or-not-tight}, so we were so appreciative of their generosity. We were tasting and seeing that the Lord is GOOD!

The couple closest to the words I’m writing, DY and Tina, are our neighbors. They got married a week before we had to be here! A 3 month missions honeymoon in Kona!? Nice! 

It almost ALWAYS clouds over… or vog’s over {volcanic clouds} by 3. But it never reaches the sun, so this makes for some amazing sunsets and of course, rainbows! “What can this mean?”

There are pine trees here too. They say that out of the 13 different climates, this island has 11 of them. Aparantly, there is a desert somewhere and a snow capped mountain. Bet you didn’t think of that when you imagine Hawaii!

Hope everyone had a great Easter celebrating that Jesus arose! We woke up super early to go to a sunrise service. 

If you look close and kinda squint, you can see a ray of sunshine shooting straight up into the sky. He is risen!

Honestly, the sunrise service was a HUGE disappointment. They didn’t sing ONE easter hymn/song and they didn’t say ANYTHING about Jesus rising from the dead. Easter is not Easter without singing “Up from the grave He arose!” So when we got home, Davey and I looked up all the Easter hymns on YouTube. Easter just wasn’t the same either because we missed our family. Wish you were here Sheryl and Dave and everyone else! {We only saw their car…}

Even though we missed our families, we had a great brunch with our group. Here I am with Dianne from New Zealand. 

Here Davey is with one of our leaders, Carolyn.So as we  Davey eat our kim chee bowls {like cup o noodles with “kim chee… bleh!} and corn dogs, and countless pbj’s, we remember the good times we had and the good food we ate this week and can say with confidence: God is good. {and He’s good for a lot more reasons than just food}



2 thoughts on “taste and see

  1. Thanks for keep us updated so well!!! Isn’t it such a blessing to meet believers from all over the world!!?? It sure “expands” our sight doesn’t it!? We are continuing to lift you both up in prayer every day and look forward to the days ahead as we also enjoy each day we have! 🙂 ttys

  2. Hi Jess and Davey, It’s great to read your blog and see the beautiful pictures. We pray for you every day. God bless you.

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