week one

Our first assignment was to make a journal. Every week we have different things to write about and reflect about. Here’s Davey’s cover:

And here’s mine:

quite a contrast, huh?! 

Week one was quite a bit of orientation and “getting to know” the group. It’s been a challenge to remember everyone’s names… especially Chu Myong and Chyong Chik. Chyong Chik said we have to say his name 10x a day to remember it. By now, I think we’ve got them down! Although we are one of the youngest members, we’ve gotten along great with everyone and learned a lot. We had an AMAZING speaker on Thursday and Friday and he talked about Christ’s love and living a life of love instead of following a bunch of rules and striving to be good. 

After class ends, we head off to our work duty. Basically everyone on campus is assigned a job they have to do everyday for 2 hours. I am SOOO excited I get to work in the garden! It’s much better than waking up at 4am for breakfast dish duty! So from 3-5pm we work the land… the past few days we’ve weeded and planted peppers, arugula, bok choy and papaya. I’ve been learning so much about natural farming and how to garden without chemicals. We make fertilizer from egg shells, fish guts and vinegar, use worms to make compost, and burn wood to crush charcoal to add nitrogen to the soil. Sasi, one of my friends from our group, is working in the garden with me and we hope to be able to use these skills when we go overseas to teach people to grow their own food.

We cleared out this whole area and made 6 raised beds to plant vegetables!

Sasi and Grace weeding the garden

papaya trees

Here’s our group after a day of hard work!

This is where we went to church today:

It’s called Living Stones Church and the pastor preached an incredible message. The church building is so small that they set up seats outside as well. Here’s the view just beyond the outside chairs:

Here we are with our friend Sasi. Tom, who took the picture, told us “smile you just won the lottery” and I guess I was the only one who was excited about it…

Here’s part of our group after church. Nancy, the lady in the blue, got baptized in the pool. 

And we found 3 of these guys in our room that afternoon

Guess we’ll let them stay to eat all the bugs 🙂


3 thoughts on “week one

  1. I fancy the lizard, delight in all your friends, relish the garden, savor the view, adore your church, admire your journals and LOVE you!

  2. Hi!!! Can you please teach me your gardening skills too?! That garden looks incredible! Love reading all your updates!!

    P.S. Seeing your journal brought back so many great memories of your journals from college and the one you made me!!

    Love you!

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