A visual day in the life…

Our days have been so packed full that it’s been hard to find time to blog! So, I woke up early to post a quick video.

I’ll write more details and show more pictures from the week over the next few days, but for now, hope you enjoy this video. Warning: it’s really long… 9 minutes. But our mothers wanted to see where we are so we decided to take the video camera with us for the day. Hope you’re not too bored or that you get a headache from me moving the camera too fast at some parts. 

p.s. We got jobs in the garden, as you will see on the video! More on that in another post!


7 thoughts on “A visual day in the life…

  1. Oh…I enjoyed this so much! It brings back memories of our time in Hawaii…. I loved seeing the Banyan tree — so beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to video a day in your lives for our enjoyment… ^_^ Love ya! Cherie

  2. hello Davey and Jess…Thanks so much for the video it was fun to watch and see where you are. Praying for you daily and love you both. Remember Jess…long pants for working in the garden saves your knees 🙂 Have a great day! Love, Dad

  3. my attn span was much shorter and i watched the first 2 min and 22seconds. The food (possibly waiting in line) going through the line etc. brought back memories of WOL. I believe I would be living on instant breakfast if I were there with you 🙂 Praying for you.

  4. You left off at the most important part: what happened in the weight room??? 🙂 Jordan and I loved getting a visual on your lives in Hawaii… he’s ready to trade the hospital for the garden too! 🙂 We’ll keep the prayers going!!

  5. Was SO funny to see you all excited about your job…reminded me of “little kid/ridiculously carefree jess” Good video, looks amazing=)

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