Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

We went to the farmers market yesterday and got the biggest avocado I’ve ever seen, strawberry papayas {my new favorite fruit}, apple bananas, tomatoes and a juicy delicious pineapple. I’m very proud of myself because I cut the whole pineapple with a little flimsy white plastic knife! Yeah!

Today we start our training classes… and they give us “jobs” which we will have to do every day from 3-5. We have a hunch that we might get to work in the garden/farm!

I’ve been thinking a lot about volcanos. After all, we’re living on a volcano. I read about how although lava destroys everything in its path at first, it has a greater purpose. It enriches the soil and it’s really good for plant growth after it hardens. Who knew? I think that’s what will happen with our lives while we’re here. When we think we’re lacking and are being challenged to surrender everything; when Davey’s flip flips break on the first day {yes, that happened}, or when I have to cut a pineapple with a plastic knife because we don’t have a real knife; or when we wonder why God brought us here… our lives will be enriched and we will grow in the process.


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