Ohana means family in Hawaiian. And we were definitely welcomed like family!

On Friday morning, after a breakfast of oatmeal with coconut and fresh papaya {yum!} everyone met at the flags. We didn’t really know why we were there.

Everytime new students arrive on campus, the natives have a ceremony to welcome us to the island. They asked us to take off our slippers {aka flip flops} and walk down the road to the Ohana court. There we were welcomed with beautiful dancing, incredible music {amazing ukulele playing} and a speech from none other than the founder of YWAM, Lauren Cunningham.

Most of the buildings here have no walls and so the warm breeze swirled through as we listened and soaked in all the beauty. I was almost brought to tears by this dance… it was SO beautiful and worshipful!

This place is such a respite from our busy lives and we feel so close to God as we admire his creation. We’ve seen the most beautiful yellow birds and bright green geckos and fabulous flowers and the mountains in the distance… it’s breathtaking. Even though it’s been overcast and rainy since we got here, we are in awe. I’m loving the Hawaiin culture and I really appreciate the slower pace and the emphasis on relationships and beauty.

The rest of the day was filled with orientation and we  are so inspired and excited to be here in preparation for going out and serving others and showing them Christ’s love.

Our group has people from Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia, and the US. We’re the youngest ones, but we’re really enjoying getting to know everyone.

We’re working on a video of our room and a little bit of the campus, but until then, here’s a taste:

Our room is the one on the second floor with the tree in front of it.

The reason there’s no pictures of the inside yet is because the room above ours is undergoing construction and dust, dirt and bugs fall from the ceiling over everything. It’s a mess. We hear the work will be done soon, so once we clean up, we’ll give you a visual tour. Aloha!


3 thoughts on “Ohana

  1. So happy to know you are there and enjoying the beauty and graciousness that we knew you would. Isn’t it wonderful? Be sure and introduce yourselves to Donna Jordan (I believe she’s your speaker) and Jim and Judy Orred — and them them “hi” for us! Love you both…soak it all in and ENJOY!!

  2. Hooray for both of you!! You accomplished your goal and I am so very proud of you both!! Now — on to God’s work, and what a lovely environment for worshiping him 24/7. Continued prayers for discernment and for God to fill your every need.

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