the grand finale

I am no longer blogging from the car using Davey’s phone for internet and waiting 10 minutes for each picture to download. I am sitting on the couch at my parents house in NEW JERSEY! We arrived “home” [where is home these days?] last night. We made a b-line for the roaring fire and had a great time re-telling our tales to my parents, brothers [minus Jonathan] and my 2 soon to be sisters! It’s kind of funny to think that you need to rest and recover from a road trip. After all… you just sit there all day. But yes, some R & R is in order.

Here’s a recap on our last 2 days:

After a delicious dinner of Oreo’s and peanut butter filled pretzels, we drove as far as we could and finally stopped in Roanoke, VA. We’re a sucker for a deal so Davey got us a reservation on priceline at a Howard Johnson… complete with free WiFi and continental breakfast. Well… when we got there, it was no longer a Ho Jo, but a no name hotel with no internet and no breakfast in sight. Oh well.

We decided to take the Blue Ridge Mountain scenic route and it was BEAUTIFUL

And we added “hiking the Appalachian trail” to our bucket list.

The rest of the drive could be summed up as magnificent monotony. One field led to another… and then we were in Maryland.

and then Pennsylvania…

We stopped in Hershey to see my BFF Greta and her 2 boys. She greeted us with sparkling cider! Cheers!

I became great friends with baby Ezekiel by bouncing with him on an exercise ball. That was the most activity I have done in a week. Feels good to “exercise”, haha!

Davey and Simeon became good friends too and found a common interest in sunglasses.

After a great afternoon with Greta and the kids, we headed to Grantham to show Davey where I went to college.  En route to Messiah College, my friend and college roommate, Krista called me and said she was driving right behind us! We stopped by to see her parents, who had been our parents away from home while at college. [Mr and Mrs Musser, it was great to see you!!!]

After the college tour, we headed to Krista’s house for the night. After dinner, where we ate the most amazing mashed potatoes ever, we sprinted to the car and sped our way to Brewster’s for some ice cream. But when we got there, they were closed! Davey and Krista got out and tried to bribe the girl to stay open, but she wouldn’t budge. Krista and I had been looking forward to chocolate almond coconut and banana chocolate chip ice cream for weeks! Oh well. So, off we went to Dairy Queen where blizzards hit the spot. There’s something so refreshing and wonderful about catching up and spending time with friends… especially after a long long road trip 🙂

Before we left, I had to stop at my favorite little coffee shop, One Good Woman. [The owner even remembered me from college!] As poor college students, getting coffee here was our splurge. We enjoyed flavors like Apple Crisp, Toasted Coconut, Rainforest Caramel crunch and Mistletoe Delight {Pecan, Hazelnut and Almond with Caramel Creme}. If your mouth is watering, check out the website

Next stop, Philly! We met Kim, Lena and Patch at the dog park and after watching Patch run around and eat dirt, we decided to go get some cheesesteaks. We were in Philly after all!

yay! So great to see family once again!

And that ends our road trip and the first leg of our journey. Many miles, many memories.

p.s. I know, we didn’t get a picture with the beloved NJ sign. That’s because it was in the middle of the highway. But we might drive to NY later this week just to drive back to NJ and capture my home state’s welcome sign. Stay tuned for that picture and a video montage…


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