Day 4, 5 & 6

On Friday morning we were greeted by this beautiful sight:

The cherry blossoms are blooming down south and I just thought this one looked so pretty next to the jeep.

We headed to downtown Nashville and had brunch at a lovely cafe with the Witworth’s, Davey’s family friends. His “Uncle” Wayno calls him Super Dave. I think that’s a perfect nickname, not that I’m partial or anything…

We followed this guy all the way to Georgia

And of course we had to stop and take pictures in the yellow flower field!

We came to Georgia for Davey’s friend, Sam’s wedding. He was in our wedding and it was fun to remember being in his place almost 2 years ago! After the rehearsal dinner Davey went with the guys to a cabin in the woods and I drove to Atlanta to hang out with my friend Nikki.

The next morning we ate breakfast at “the flying biscuit”. If you are ever in Georgia, you HAVE to go there. I was in biscuit heaven! I was also in friend heaven and Nikki and I had a blast.

Oh, by the way, it was storming out on Saturday. Seems like all the weddings we go to these days, including ours, are on rainy days. Rain is good luck, right? I made my way back to Tate, GA, getting lost 3, 4, or 10 times. No offense to any Georgians reading this, but all the road signs are in the wrong places and there are 5 exits for Rt 5 {or whatever road I was looking for}… and yes, I took every one. Only a lot little bit frazzled, I finally made it.

The wedding was beautiful. The rain held off during the ceremony, but there was torrential downpours and thunder and lightning during the reception.

For the favor, they hired an artist to do caricature drawings. Here’s ours:

Sunday was pretty uneventful except for having breakfast with our friend Ross in GA and lunch with Laura in NC! For dinner, we had peanut butter pretzles and oreos. I love road trips! {We saw the sign for Georgia 3 times, but missed it all 3 times.}

Virginia is for lovers 🙂

check out the rest of our trip here


6 thoughts on “Day 4, 5 & 6

  1. I’m loving following your blog. It is bringing me back to our 10 years of road trips. 49 states in 10 years:) The memories are amazing. FUN! FUN! FUN! The visits with friends are what stand out the most I think and of course our Lord’s beautiful creation. Can’t wait to see you, probably at the shower on Saturday. Love You!!

  2. This is Erik’s sister Sarah-You probably don’t remember me…Thats fine:)
    I often drop in your blog..You’ve got a really fun blog!
    The last post you posted that pic of “coffee on the interstate”{Now THATS a CLASSIC!} do you mind if I use it? I will make sure ALL credits go to you!

  3. Hi Jess and Davey!!! Just caught up on your blog posts and loved them all. Thanks for making a stop to stay with us! We loved hanging out with you guys and are so thankful to have you as friends. Love you!

  4. Another great update. We love the pictures! Thanks so much for stopping in for a quick visit – it was great to see you both. Travel safe our prayers are with you!

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