Day 2

It was FREEZING cold at 7am in Wyoming. I took the morning driving shift and headed down the road toward Colorado. It was slow going at first because there was a cop in front of me and I didn’t want to speed by and get a ticket, so I just followed him at his turtle pace.  Add to that 60+ mph winds, 18 wheeler trucks crowding the road and snow whipping up everywhere and you have Wyoming. Here are a few trucks at the rest stop to prove how strong the wind was:

Goodbye Wyoming, hello Colorado!

We drove through Denver just to say we did, and then we stopped at the YWAM base in Arvada. There were only 2 buildings, so we opted out of getting a tour and drove on.

Davey and I both HATE when our car is dirty. I tend to empty the windshield washer fluid pretty quickly because I’m a sucker for a clean window. At this point, the jeep was so dirty that it didn’t even look yellow anymore. As we were heading toward the highway, EUREKA! A car wash! So, we gave the jeep {and our poor bikes} a MUCH NEEDED wash, bought a coconut air freshener and left feeling like a million bucks!

We had some looming errands to run and figured this was a good time to stop at the post office, starbucks, the bank and somewhere to find lunch. We pulled into a “shopette” as the guy at starbucks called it, and were so excited that our bank, post office, food store and starbucks were ALL there! Yay! We ordered a ‘California dreamin’ sandwich {not for the name, but for the bacon}, ran our errands and headed to Kansas. We’re looking forward to saying “we’re NOT in Kansas anymore” But we’re still in Colorado. Since Davey is driving, he gets to pick the music. And John Denver is killing me! But he’s having fun jamming out over in the driver seat. However, me ears are not happy. Neither are my eyes. All I see are “amber waves of grain”… forever.

When we’re not listening to 70’s and 80’s folk, we’ve been enjoying an audio book called “The Power of a Whisper”. It’s about hearing when God whispers in a still small voice and obeying his nudgings. We’ve had a great time recounting all of the events that led us up to this point in life and we’re so thankful that God’s plans for us are so much more fun and adventurous than we could have imagined. Although the journey hasn’t been all roses and butterflies, we are stronger because of the thorns.

Speaking of thorns… around 9pm we both felt like we were getting the flu. We downed vitamin C packets and crashed for the night…

side story: we almost ran out of gas again! We still haven’t learned our lesson! I’m going to blame it on Kansas though because it’s their fault for not having a gas station for 50 miles. We figured we should come up with a plan of what we would do if we ran out of gas. We decided we’d have to ride our bikes in the dark to get gas. But before that happened, we spotted a remote gas station and rolled in, running on fumes and prayers. It was a sight to behold! Lesson learned.

900 ish more miles under our belts… 13 hours of driving… and we’re nother time zone closer to home.

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4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Great blog, thanks for sharing the adventure! Hope to see you and say “Hi” when you guys are in Mechanicsburg!

  2. Just LOVIN’ your adventures and your positive spirit!! THAT’s the power of prayer!! Keep on singin’ !!
    love you both,

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