Day 1

Today is my amazing, beautiful, wonderful, loving, hard working, fun, fabulous mother’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! We Love you!

The biggest decision we made the past few days, besides “keep or throw away?” was: Rt 40 or Rt 80? The answer was a no brainer… 80! Rt 40 is boring and flat and goes through way too much of Oklahoma and Texas. Rt 80 is much more scenic and since I took Rt 40 to drive to California, we decided 80 was the way to go. But there was one problem. Snow. We checked the weather in the Sierra Nevada mountain area and there was a storm passing through which meant tire chains or 4WD with snow tires was required. Yikes. The jeep has 4WD, but it definitely doesn’t sport snow tires. We decided to take the risk and so with a full tank of gas and starbucks in hand, we left Sacramento and headed for the open road. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by snowy pine trees… it was breathtaking! It reminded me of Narnia. Davey has never seen the Narnia movies so if you haven’t either, then just disregard that last comment. We were also surrounded by stalled 18 wheelers and stopped cars that decided it was a great idea to put their chains on in the middle of the road. Needless to say, it was slow going. At least it was a feast for the eyes. I mean, look at this, isn’t it just GORGEOUS!?

We prayed the whole way to the chain checkpoint and to our delight, we were waved through with a smile! Yipee!!!

It wasn’t long before we were in Nevada.

I was so sad because we missed taking a picture by the sign. It just came up way too fast. So we decided to take a picture on the other end of Nevada when we got to Utah.

But let me tell you, although Nevada isn’t that wide, Nevada is the state that never ends. We did pass through Beverly Hills though.

We could hear the hallelujah chorus when we passed the border into Utah! For some reason, driving into another state is like a fresh start. Even though the scenery is somewhat similar, I always feel rejuvenated and accomplished. There is a lot of salt fields in Utah… that’s salt in the background, not snow.

To pass the time, we like to play the license plate game and see if we can find all 50 states. So far, we have 23! We were pretty excited because the further east we got, the lower the gas prices!

Utah was really pretty…

but before we knew it we were in Wyoming. We knew we were in Wyoming for 2 reasons. 1.) a deer ran across the road just like the sign warned and 2.) the guy at subway wrote His and Hers on our sandwiches.

11:45 pm and 917 miles later we found a cheap hotel and crashed. And by cheap, I mean gross, creepy, and ugly. Neither of us slept very well… I think I was too worried someone would break in or that our jeep would be gone in the morning. But then I remembered that the only living creature that we saw in Wyoming was a deer and I’m sure there’s more deer than bad guys, so I drifted off to sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Thanks for the beautiful birthday sentiments!!!! It was a wonderful day complete with snow, ice and rain!!!! Nothing new with that as I can remember a bunch of past birthdays with the same weather pattern 🙂 Keep safe and drive offensively and defensively (mom’s lecture…haha) I love you both…and will see you soon!!!!!

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