Without a hitch… or any sleep

Friday turned into Saturday all too quickly and we were still up to our eyeballs in packing and cleaning. Before I get into that, I have an AMAZING GOD story!

So, Davey decided to sell his car on Wednesday. That meant we only had 2 days to sell it. So, we looked it up to see how much it was worth and it was about $2000. I told Davey that we should up price it to $2500 because, as I learned from the garage sale, people always try to lower the price. We prayed about it and decided to price it for $2450. So Davey posted it on Craigslist and we prayed for the best. We both weren’t worried about it and had a feeling that God would send us the perfect buyer. Davey got a bunch of e-mails from people who wanted to come look at it and on Friday afternoon, and this guy Steve and his wife were the first people to come look at it. They were buying a car for their daughter and they thought Davey’s car would be perfect. So they offered us $2000. Davey told them he had a few others looking at it and then he told them that we were going to do missions and needed the money. Then, out of the blue, they asked him if we were going with YWAM! It turns out, they are Christians and have a foundation (http://www.firstfruit.org) that funds missions and so they gave us $2500 for the car… that’s MORE than we asked for! We were blown away by God’s provision and faithfulness and were so encouraged by this incredible couple!

With our spirits high, we put our heads down and continued packing and cleaning. After about 5 minutes, we were overwhelmed and had no idea how we would get it all done. We plugged along and our friend, Steven came over to help. Thank God for him! He helped lift all the heavy stuff and by the time he left, the Uhaul was almost full!

It was now 9pm and we still had a load of stuff to do (no pun intended). We kept plugging along, a piece of pizza in one hand and a sponge in the other. We were thrilled when our friend Ken came over around 11 and so we put him to work.

By 2 am we were delirious, but DONE!

We had every intention of sleeping before heading out, but we were wide awake and had planned on leaving at 4am anyway, so we decided to just leave. Goodbye 409 13th St. Apt A!!!!

On the road at a meager 55mph, I was staring in the side mirror making sure the jeep didn’t fall off. The ride was so bumpy, but I guess that was a blessing in disguise because it kept us awake. It was so bumpy I couldn’t take a good picture:

4 am rolled around and we were desparately praying because we were running low on gas with no gas station in sight for miles. We finally rolled into a rest stop with 1 mile of gas left! Thank you God!

Fueled up with gas and coffee, we pushed through and made it to Davey’s parents house at 10:30!

36 hours later, no sleep, and a lot of memories, we’re safe and sound and have the first leg of our journey under our belt… without a hitch! 🙂 (get it?!)

p.s. Happy TWO year anniversary to our friends Erik and Julie!


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