the “plan”

Even though we’re planning not to plan, we figured it’d be a good idea to at least google a potential route. Here’s what we came up with:

On Saturday at the lovely hour of 4 am, we will hop in the Uhaul and drive at a turtle’s pace of 55mph all the way to Sacramento where Davey’s parents live. {Thank you so much Mom and Dad A for storing our stuff!} We’ll spend a few days there and then head across country! {I’m not really sure why google took us up through Wyoming and Nebraska, but I’ve never seen those places, so why not!}

Points of interest:

1. Nashville, TN– we’re gonna stop and see our friends, Jack and Cherie… the couple who inspired us to do this whole adventure in the first place!

2. Tate/ Roswell, GA– We’ll be attending Davey’s good friend, Sam’s wedding. Sam was in our wedding, so it will be fun to see him get married! We’ll also be seeing our friends Nikki and Ross! Woohoo!

3. Washington DC– Davey’s only request on the trip was to see Washington DC, so Washington DC we will see!

4. Grantham/Mechanicsburg/Hummelstown, PA– I’ve always wanted to show Davey where I went to college and we just happened to be passing right through on our way! So we’re gonna stop and he’ll get the tour of Messiah College, then we’ll see my friend Krista and then stop in Hummelstown to see my friend Greta!

5. Philadelphia, PA– I cannot wait to see my cousins and little baby LENA! So, we’re gonna stop and see them because I just can’t wait until they come up to NJ for the weekend!

6. Oakland, NJ– Home sweet home! ❤

From there, we’ll fly to Kona with a 7 hour layover in Seattle. Davey’s brother lives in Seattle, so we’ll venture out for a “tornado tour” to drink coffee, of course, and to see the sights. Then Kona here we come!

I have been getting overwhelmed at times during all this packing. I’m actually avoiding our bedroom at the moment because you can’t see the floor… clothes and shoes EVERYWHERE. My dad reminded me to just take one day at a time. Simple, but good advice. I also am trusting that if God brought us this far, he won’t let us down now! We have a peace that passes all understanding and we’re so excited to embark on this adventure together!


2 thoughts on “the “plan”

  1. WYOMING!!!!!! How bout a scenic tour of YELLOWSTONE and TETON NATIONAL PARKS!!!!!! Might be a bit early though..hahaha Wyoming is goreous!!! Good for you Davey…Washigton DC. you can see where some of our tax $’s have gone, but for some of those buildings…its worth it!! Love Seattle too!!!! Love you both and will continue the prayers on your behalf every day!!!

  2. How long are you guys going to be in Kona? Why I am asking because I will be there in October 🙂 Just wanted to check to see if our paths would cross! Praying for you two as you head out into the mission field. Can’t wait to hear all the blessings He is going to provide for being obedient to His calling in your lives!!!!!!

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