more goodbyes

It’s 5pm on Tuesday. I am sitting at home writing this blog because THEY LET ME OUT OF WORK EARLY ON MY LAST DAY!!!! yipee!!!!!!!!!! They handed me my last paycheck at 3:30 and asked if I wanted to go home early. Um, is blood red? YESSSSS I want to leave early!!! So, I took my paycheck and skipped/ran/jumped with joy to my car. I didn’t even mind the traffic that took me an hour to get home! As you might be able to tell, there’s no mixed emotion here… only sheer exhilaration and happiness! I am  thankful I had a job, but even though I learned a lot, gained a ton of valuable experience and worked with some great people, I will not miss that job. Not one bit.

Now for a complete subject change. Church on Sunday was amazing. Our pastor and dear friend prayed for us as we embark on our new adventure. He said that our life up until now was like climbing a mountain… but in this new season, we have to learn to fall… and trust that God was there to catch us. We loved that analogy and it really hit home for us because ever since we decided to jump off the cliff and commit to get involved with YWAM, we have been falling. And even though it’s heart poundingly scary at times, there is also exhilaration in the surrender.

This picture is of a gift that our friend Richard gave us. He told us that he made these bracelets while he prayed for us. Isn’t that amazing?! He wanted us to wear them to remind us that he’s praying for us. Wow.

We were so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we received in church on Sunday. The bake sale was incredible (mini cherry cheesecakes, maple walnut scones, peanut butter nutella brownies, cupcakes…)! We were brought to tears by everyone’s generosity!

There were two little girls, Karly and Alyssa, who gave us a zip lock bag full of coins. We assumed that they probably emptied their piggy banks for us. We were blown away by the sacrifice and by how willingly they gave all they had. It was such a good reminder for me to have faith like a child.

Here’s another subject change:

This is what this week has been like: a whirlwind. Our apartment looks like it had an encounter with this sucker too. But amdist the whirl of activity, we are trying to also take time to enjoy a few moments here and there… no matter how sparse they are.


2 thoughts on “more goodbyes

  1. I love the falling analogy!! That definitely describes how we’re feeling these last couple of weeks – even though we’re not giving up everything at home to head to Kona, there’s still so many unknowns and things that are causing us to just have to ‘fall’ and trust God!

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