goodbye stuff

Yesterday we hung up signs and today people walked away with our stuff…

Here’s how the day went:

6:00 am- My alarm goes off and I press snooze.

6:01 am- Davey’s alarm goes off and he presses snooze.

6:10- We finally get up and walk like zombies to the coffee pot and down cup #1.

6:15- We head to the garage and start bringing our stuff outside. It’s cold and cloudy and wet.

6:16- Yes. Only a mere minute after we brought out the first few things, we have our first customer. He starts to rummage through a bag of clothes we haven’t even dumped out yet. We shrug and just start getting more stuff. I guess the early bird catches the worm.

6:20- This really nice guy… I think he lives down the street… drives by and comes out and offers to help us carry the heavy stuff. He also tells us our signs are terrible and so he pulls out a garage sale sign from his car and nails it to the palm tree. He says he has lots of practice with this stuff because he manages estate sales. He tells us we have WAY too much stuff for people our age. We agree.

6:30- All of the stuff is out. Poor Davey has an allergy attack from all the dust we spewed up with the moving. But he’s still smiling. First customer man gets a killer deal on an arm full of stuff because I don’t know how to bargain yet. 

7:00- Vans and cars and trucks pull up and out comes 4-5 people from each vehicle. It’s crazy. They all must carpool. Most people are interested in the surfboards and guitar, but I still manage to sell some nic nacs. Yessss!

8:10-  Davey sells this guy from Australia my surfboard, a guitar and some picture frames. The guy asks us to hold it while he gets his car…

8:15- He pulls up in a Mustang and offers to take Davey for a spin around the block. Davey hops in. He LOVES Mustangs. 

8:30- They get back and he walks away with my beautiful yellow surfboard. Sigh. Moving on…

8:45- Enter cup of coffee #2 and 3. Davey leaves to go to work and I’m left to fend for myself. It’s just me and our stuff.

9:00- 11:00- I impress myself by selling most of our stuff for the actual prices we asked for and reward myself with cup of coffee #4. While I’m sitting back enjoying my victory, FOUR cars pull up, NINE people come out, and it’s mass chaos. “How much is this?” “Will you take $5?” “Do you have anything for free?” I try to answer all the questions while counting change and keeping an eye on all 9 people to make sure they don’t run away without paying. I swear it was a conspiracy. I’m sure they probably got a few unofficially free items without me knowing. Oh well.

11:30- Two Asian ladies come by and look through the pile of clothes. They hold up a pair of my jeans and laugh, “these are big!”. I don’t laugh.

12:00- No one has come by in 30 minutes and I’m tired of sitting around, so I start packing up.

12:15- Davey comes home! Yay! We load the stuff in the garage in a pile because the Goodwill is coming to get it on Monday. We come back into our apartment and it doesn’t even look like we got rid of anything!

12:30- A guy who lives down the street calls Davey and comes by to purchase his weights, dumbbells and bench. Davey says he might stop by his house and lift one last time. It’s hard to see it go. But now there’s SO MUCH ROOM in our garage!

1:45- We count our earnings and are very excited!

2:00- We go into packing/cleaning mode and we decide to cut up our bed (Davey made it with 2×4’s) and have a celebratory beach bonfire. We also have a lot of important papers to burn and since we sold our paper shredder, a bonfire is the next best option. Of course Davey chops up the wood “beach style” with  “protective” sunglasses and VonZipper headphones.

4:30- I run to the food store and to the bank to deposit the moolah. I come home and bake cupcakes for our bake sale tomorrow. Chocolate coconut, chocolate with chocolate shavings and chocolate peanut butter. YUMMMMMMMMM!

6:40- I’m writing as you read this and Davey fell asleep on the couch. We’re about to go to the beach to burn our wood and papers. And make hot dogs and s’mores.

Stay tuned for more moving montages…


2 thoughts on “goodbye stuff

  1. Yea…I really enjoy reading your blog all the time. You should have a garage sale by us…we have piles of junk! Sounded like a busy day! continue to pray for you both as you close one chapter of your lives. It’s wonderfyul that God is writing the book. Love you both. Dad 🙂

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