Vote for Davey and Honu!

I was casually walking into the food store today and I happened to glance over at the newspaper vendor machines and this contest caught my eye. The local Orange County Newspaper is putting on a HAWAII photo contest! Here’s the photo we entered:

Isn’t that amazing?! Davey went to Hawaii 4 years ago and went scuba diving in Oahu. He took a boat out off of the island to do a wreck dive. As he swam into the port side lock, out came Hanu (Hanu means Sea Turtle in Hawaiian). Luckily his dive buddy and his camera were right behind us and he was able to capture this incredible moment.

Here’s where we need your help!

There will be two winners, one chosen by the highest number of online votes and the other by in-house judges. (you may vote up to 10 votes per hour). If we win, we get $500 and our picture published in the paper. We thought this would be a fun YWAM “fundraiser”, so please vote for our picture and help us save up to go to YWAM!

Vote for Davey and Hanu!

Click this link and then vote for our picture! (Unfortunatley they make you log in and register. Sorry) And yes, I’ve sized up our competition and have looked at all the pictures (all 581) and the highest number of votes, as of today, is 2073. Think we can beat that? It’s worth a try! The contest ends on February 27th… and remember, you can vote up to 10 times per hour! Thank you!!!


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