Last night we had a beach bonfire with John and Alice (Davey’s brother and his fiance from China).

Since they’re recently engaged, we were talking all things wedding and marriage, hopes and dreams. We remembered some advice we heard that it’s good to be with someone through all four seasons before you marry them. Winter, spring, summer, fall we’ve been together through them all! But then Alice said that in Chinese culture, they use flavors instead of seasons. Sweet, sour, bitter and spicy! I love it!

I think flavors are much more descriptive than seasons. Because I like all the seasons. But I don’t like all the flavors. But without flavor, life is bland. So I’ll take the sour, bitter and spicy times because they make the sweet times so much better! And like eating a hot pepper, the burn doesn’t last forever. And sour isn’t always bad… after all, sour patch kids turn sweet 🙂

p.s. YWAM update:

God has been teaching us a LOT about faith, praying and trust this past month. Since we have about 20% of the money we need to attend YWAM, we’re really relying on God’s provision. Please pray for that provision as well as for peace and strength as God continues to refine our character. THANK YOU so much to all of you who are supporting us both financially and prayerfully. Like we mentioned before, YWAM doesn’t give us the names of who donates, so please know that although we can’t thank you personally, we are SOOOO thankful and grateful for you and your generosity!


3 thoughts on “flavor

  1. What a great post! That was a fun time with you guys. Life is so full and fun with you.

    You are so insightful. I love you!


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