Birds don’t worry. That’s why I have a bunch of bird pictures on this post. To remind myself to be like a bird and not worry. I know that last one picture says Nordstrom on it, but I like the birds on it. Maybe that’s why those birds don’t worry… because they shop at Nordstrom. The birds that live in my parents yard are lucky… they always have seeds and nuts to eat because my dad fills up the bird feeder. I’ve never been crazy about seeing them pecking on the window though. It’s as if they’re asking for more. But isn’t that what I do? God provides for me and yet I never seem content. We went to church last night and the pastor told us a story of his friend who fed her kids birthday cake for breakfast. While her son was eating, he asked “If I finish all my cake, can I have a treat later?” We’re never satisfied. So, today I think I’ll remember I’m more valuable than a bird and that God will provide for all my needs. Today I’ll enjoy my cake without worrying if I’ll get a treat later.

One thought on “worry

  1. and……our satisfaction and contentment should be with HIM ALONE in the first place….we sure have a patient God!!!! BTW…I just told Dad he has to refill the bird feeders…the birds like Pat’s yard better these days!!!! haha

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