this week

We did it! We took up our first load of stuff to Davey’s parents house to store while we’re gone at YWAM! It’s crazy how fast time is flying! But I guess that’s what time does. Thanks for all your prayers and support as we prepare to leave in a just a few months!

Here’s some pictures of what we’ve been up to this past week…

We drove up north to spend a week at the Anderson’s because John and his fiance, Alice, are home from China for Chinese New Year! (John teaches English in Shanghai). On the way, we stopped to visit some friends in Sonoma. Can God create anything more beautiful?! It’s a party for the eyes.

Here’s a shot of the whole family!

My birthday was on Tuesday and Davey surprised me and took me to Lake Tahoe for the day!

Then we hit the slopes… uh, I mean, the bunny hill! The boys went snowboarding and Julie, Alice and I took skiing lessons!

I don’t know if you remember last year’s post of my first snowboarding experience (, but that might also be my last snowboarding experience. I like skiing MUCH better! Not only because I fell a LOT less, but I like having poles and it just seems more natural for me to go down the mountain facing forward as opposed to sideways.

As these guys sped past us on their boards, Julie, Alice and I had fun on the smaller hills.

2 thoughts on “this week

  1. Happy Birthday!

    That was such a fun trip with you, baby doll. You’re such a great skier and there’s no one I rather surprise with a trip to Lake Tahoe than you.

    Love you,


  2. Happy Birthday, Jess!! What a great way to celebrate!! Looking good on the snowboard!! Tahao and Sonoma — can’t get more beautiful than that!!
    love ya,

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