el lago de luz

So, I have a new show that I like to watch. It’s called “Off the Map”. It’s about these three doctors who move to a remote jungle in South America to work at a clinic. Figures my favorite show would be a medical one. 🙂 Sometimes people ask me if working in the ER is like it is on TV. NOPE. Real life ER is a lot more boring than TV. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching medical dramas because of how far-fetched and unrealistic they are. It seems like they get more far-out, interesting emergencies and medical case in the course of 1 hour than I do in one year! Anyway, this particular show reminds me of doing medical missions, so that’s another reason I like it. Plus they used a coconut for IV fluid.

Moving on. In the last episode, there was an older guy who came to the jungle to find the place where he and his wife went on their honeymoon 40 something years ago. His wife had passed away a few months back and he wanted to send off her ashes in her favorite place, el lago del luz, the lake of light. But he got into an accident (remember, it’s a medical show) and had to be airlifted to another hospital, but before he did, they took him to the lago del luz. Here’s a clip. I could try to describe it, but it’s magical to watch: (seriously, it’s worth watching and it will make all my ramblings make sense. It’s only 1 minute!)


My favorite part about that clip is what the guy said “microscopic organisms… when they’re disturbed it causes a fire flight”. That got me thinking, what do I cause when I’m disturbed? Yesterday, when they were treating our apartment for termites, I didn’t cause a beautiful delicate, peaceful light, that’s for sure. {My “light” was more of an inward firework explosion}. So often in life, when things don’t go my way and I’m disturbed, I throw a fit. My waters turn murky and muddy instead of becoming illuminated with beauty. This illustration of the lago del luz really helps me understand what Christ meant when he said, “You are the light of the world”.  Even in the small disturbances, inconveniences, and unmet expectations of life, we are to react in such a way to cause light and point people to Christ. And because it’s easier said than done, I’m sure that God will provide plenty of opportunities for me to learn this lesson.

I worked at my dad’s office one summer during college and every morning the staff would gather together to pray. I’ll never forget the prayer that Mrs. Olsen prayed one morning, “Lord fill us to the brim with you today, so that when we’re bumped, only you spill out”. And that’s how I want to live.

Things work out for the good of those who don’t fight life’s ups and downs, but roll with them; allowing God’s purpose to be bigger than all my hopes and dreams and expectations combined. When God’s purpose is the main thing in my life, then things work out for good. Every time. {Rom 8:28 parahprase}

And because I think blog posts are boring without pictures, here’s a picture that my friend sent me:

You can never have too much yellow!

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