Winter Wallop!

Well, the weather man was WRONG. We didn’t get a white Christmas. Not even a white Christmas Eve. Instead we got a day after Christmas BLIZZARD! Good thing we have a lot of logs stocked up! {thanks Dad!}

Here’s a video and some pictures of the BLIZZARD OF 2010!!!

“walking in a winter wonderland!”

O christmas tree, o christmas tree, how beautiful are your twinkle lights!

Real snow angels!!! {a little colder than sand angels}

frosty kiss

when we got home, dad had the snowblower going, so we got out the shovels!

time for a break… shoveling is a great workout– or back breaker!

Even though we shoveled at night, it snowed so much that the next morning, it looked like we didn’t even touch it!

So Jake, May, Davey & I decided to go sledding. But we didn’t have any sleds, so we did the next best thing– go for a walk in the woods! Here’s the dynamic duo getting ready to blaze the trail:

Thank God for snow goggles. It was SOOOO windy!

blazing the trail!

stopping for a climb… {a.k.a. trying to impress May}

then stopping for a quick pull up workout

the hardest part is getting up after making the snow angels

then we braved the snow to hang out with Laura!

To face unafraid the plans that we made,

walking in a winter wonderland!


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