Baby it’s cold outside!!!

Even though I grew up in NJ, I seriously underestimated the cold weather. It must be like having a baby or running a marathon… they say you forget the pain when it’s all over. I must have glamorized the east coast winter and forgot the bitter, windy FREEZING cold. I know, I know… I’ve turned into a baby… but baby, it’s COLD outside! Anyway, we didn’t bring enough warm clothes so Davey had to borrow some of my dad’s sweats.  Here he is modeling them:

After we warmed up, we rolled up our sleeves to help make stromboli!!! {which turned out pretty amazing if I do say so myself!}

And here we all are ready to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. {they also turned out amazing, so I’ll just take the credit}

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning brought with it lots of presents, surprises, delicious food, family, fun, hugs, laughs, prayers, and lots of memories.

The celebration continued to the day after Christmas as well… and it started to SNOW!!!!!! {the snow was good and bad. It was pretty, but had horrible timing because we missed all of our family who couldn’t make it because of the snow}

As you can see, we have a few new family members! Lena, Leila and Abby! We were so excited our cousins Matt and Sukey stopped by with the twins! This is the first we’ve seen them since they’ve been back from Africa! The girls are adorable and are doing great!

There is this church down the street that has a great sign up right now: “Merry Mas. It’s just not the same without Christ”. So true. Amidst all the flurry of activity, we’ve had some quiet moments to reflect on God’s gift to us and to thank him for our family. We love you all and are so thankful for you!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside!!!

  1. Thanks for the pictures Jess. Its the first Christmas we weren’t with you guys and I’m sad looking at what we missed, but the snow made the decision for us. Hope you all had a great time. Have a safe trip home!

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