We’ll be home for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

YAY! We’re flying home to NJ tonight!!! And hopefully we’ll get to make SNOW angels instead of sand angels because this is the weather forecast:

Hooray! A white Christmas!!! (speaking of snow, if you wait until our blog page loads completely, then you’ll see that it’s snowing!!!) I’m also very excited for the freezing cold weather too! Call me crazy, but it’s just not Christmas when it’s 60 degrees! I can’t wait to bundle up and wear my coats and gloves and sit by the fire… plus I’ve never seen it rain so hard here in California. Constant downpour for a week. I’m ready for some SNOW!!!

And this is pretty exciting: (I saw it on a billboard while driving home from Christmas shopping)

Finally. Someone’s standing up for us. Too bad we’re not flying jet blue. But it’s still exciting. Some other exciting “tall” things are tall pants (now I don’t have to add a layer of fabric to my scrubs), and California King mattresses that are long enough so our feet don’t hang off the end of the bed. (even though we don’t have one of those mattresses because it wouldn’t fit in our room, it’s still nice to know there’s that option). So I’m glad at least one airline is onboard (haha) with the tall trend. Now if only Starbucks would make the ‘talle’ size taller.

To quote the popular song, “Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays!” (BUT gee, the traffic is NOT terrific.) We’ve already begun to get in the Christmas spirit by eating some Minnema traditions (cinnamon rolls and stromboli! We added the cookies)  🙂

And maybe we ate the whole double batch of cookies in 2 days. Sorry Santa, they were too delicious. Hey. It’s the holidays… and they had oatmeal in them which makes them ‘healthy’, right? Haha

And finally, here’s an amazing song that our pastor’s wife sang at church on Sunday:

And my it’s-almost-Christmas blog post wouldn’t be complete without a thought provoking quote from our friend, Doug: (the quote goes along with the song)

Thinking this morning about how Jesus came to the human race so many Christmases ago…as a non-threatening baby of all things! Consider making this prayer by Miller the undercurrent of your day today: “May my life bring Christ quietly into the circle of human need so those who need You will not be frightened by Your presence but enveloped in it.” Amen.


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