feast and famine {part 2}

Now for the feast!

For Thanksgiving, we drove up north to Roseville to spend the long weekend with the Anderson’s. It was a fabulous time of feasting, festiveness, family, and fun! (how’s that for alliteration). We tried something new this year. We brined the turkey. I wish we wrote down what we put in the brine, because it was one of the most delicious turkey’s I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, we just threw a little of this and some of that into the mixture. Basically, we added salt and water (obviously) and every spice on the rack, some vinegar and I forget what else. Then we let the turkey marinate in that mixture overnight. We read that the point of a brine is to break down the protein in the meat to make it moist and succulent. Then we rinsed the brine off, and stuffed it with carrots, celery, onions and spices. I wanted to put apples and oranges in it, but I got vetoed. I think it would’ve been so good. Oh well, I’ll have to sneak them in next year. Here we are… the proud parents of our 1st turkey!

The turkey carving knife was passed to Davey this year. We had a delicious feast complete with homemade cherry and pumpkin pie!

Then we had a sing-a-long 🙂

It was rainy and cold most of the weekend, but on Sunday the sun came out and we went for a beautiful hike… which we needed after all our eating.

Time with family always flies by and before we knew it, we were driving home. Stay tuned for pics of our christmas tree! Also check your mail next week for our christmas card! Love you all!

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