feast and famine {Part 1}

Pardon my lack of writing… November has been a whirlwind!

I’ll start with the famine.

Here I am in our hotel room in Vegas for Fitness America. Davey competed in the Model America competition which is basically a fitness and modeling contest. He had to walk the runway wearing formal wear, sportswear and swim wear. (Yes, he wore a speedo!) Anyway, This is what we ate for the past 3 weeks… Davey my choice, me by obligation. Salad, chicken, veggies and an occasional avocado…. BORING if you ask me. But I was very impressed by Davey’s discipline to stick to this diet. He also could only drink 6 oz of water the last few days. It was like a famine and we were dreaming of what we’d eat after it was all over.

On the rooftop of our hotel

Here he is all tanned and ready to go!

Here we are waiting in line to register. We probably waited over an hour because they was only one nurse doing the urine drug tests for the bodybuilders… I should’ve stepped in!

He got his number and a bag full of protein and power bars, which we devoured! Go # 438!!!

Davey and I went to every free seminar there was. There was a seminar on how to walk the runway, which was actually really interesting. Then we went to another one on how to break into modeling, and we got some good information for Davey’s business. Here I am with Lindsay Messina who is on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. I’m not someone who gets star struck nor do I like to have my picture taken with miniature tiny models, but I went up to have her sign a copy of the magazine she was in and we got to talking and she’s from NYC! So I told her I am from NJ and that I missed bagels and good pizza. We became instant friends. She was actually the one who wanted a picture of us “east coast girls”. She was really nice and I got a free magazine out of it!

Davey walking the runway!

Davey’s client is a model and is really into fashion and so he went shopping with us for this outfit. Thanks Billy!

It was pretty cool because the runway was in a room down the hall from where all the guys got ready and so before and after Davey walked down the runway, I got to go high five him and  take some backstage pictures.

The next evening was the final round… drum roll… swim wear. I got there an hour early to get a front row seat and right before Davey went on, there was a fire backstage and so they had to stop everything and fix it. They delayed the competition for 2 hours! Me and this girl who was sitting next to me didn’t want to loose our front row seats, so we swapped on and off to get up, go eat and save each other’s seat. Finally, they got everything running again and the competition continued.

And with his permission, here’s Davey in swim wear 🙂

And so, you might be asking, why would you want to barley eat anything, work out super hard and not drink water? I guess it’s like running a marathon. Neither a marathon or a fitness contest is probably not the most healthy thing to do, but the fact that they’re both such intense challenges makes it worth it! What a feeling of accomplishment! Davey didn’t win… although he was 1st place in my book… but he met some really cool people from all around the world, accomplished one of his life goals and had a great time

Now for the feast:


Now we’re ready for Thanksgiving!


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