a tasty prayer of thanks

Today I stumbled upon a treasure. A cookbook that my friend Krista gave me at our wedding. It’s called Simply in Season and it’s brimming with mouth watering, creative and simple recipes. My hope is that I can learn more from its more profound lesson of being satisfied with what is present….instead of constantly demanding something shipped half way around the world.  If that means eating LOADS of butternut squash, kale and apples now, and then going without as the season wanes, who is to say I should be any less satisfied?

Autumn. Time slows. The days are shorter now. The warmth of the sun begins to lessen as the leaves change color. The garden which in summer overflowed, is now fading. Life in its many forms slows down. Autumn invites us to slow down too.

Delicious Creator God,

I taste your glory in the tangy crunch of a crisp apple. I taste your glory in the salty tears of emotion. I taste your glory in cool, clear, life giving water. I taste your glory in the heavy sweetness of dark chocolate.

Your glory flavors the early peas and new lettuce of spring, the tomatoes and herbs of my backyard, the mealy goodness of new potatoes and butternut squash, it seeps in my tea and bakes in my peach cobbler. For the nibbles and the feasts of your glory and for my taste buds, I give you thanks.


2 thoughts on “a tasty prayer of thanks

  1. Jess!! Can’t sleep and am catching up on your blog! miss you tons and I totally forgot I gave you that cookbook! I hope you find some good recipes! xoxo

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