A is for apple

Yesterday we  drove 2 hours to the mountains and went apple picking. I would’ve driven days to do this beloved fall activity… or to just see colorful leaves and drink hot apple cider. Davey said I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. Ahhhh, fall’s my favorite! Here we are… first stop, apple turnover a la mode and hot apple cider. mmmmm! Last year when we went, it was warm and sunny and hardly felt like fall. But this year, it was cold and foggy and perfect.

We found the only tree with colored leaves. It was pretty exciting! (for me anyway)

Davey was pretty excited about the raspberries.

My throwing leaves picture didn’t turn out how I hoped, but it was still cool!

the best donuts ever…

all the apples were on the ground

except for the ones that we couldn’t reach

so we took a picture

and then we found two good apples

drive by picking!

just a few more!

And today I made apple chicken chili, thanks to Kim for the recipe! Apple pie and apple cider to come. I love fall… even in California!

But we miss everyone back home and up north!


3 thoughts on “A is for apple

  1. Awww … I’m glad you got to experience some fall!! I LOVE it! Yesterday, it was SO stormy and rainy all day … I’ve been eating apples and pumpkin dip and peppermint hot chocolate … I LOVE this time of year!! Miss you guys!

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