hey punkin

We decided to opt for a cheap date last Friday and so we carved pumpkins and made pizza. These were by far, the thickest, hardest pumpkins I’ve ever carved. Thank God we still have all of our fingers and internal organs. Here’s Davey putting some muscle into it…

Here’s my pumpkin. Since they were so hard to carve and I like my fingers, I went with the easy typical pumpkin face design.

I must be a fast carver, because I was already done with mine by the time Davey was drawing his design. Wait… I didn’t know you were supposed to draw the design first… maybe that’s why mine is crooked.

I LOVE when Davey wears his glasses. Isn’t he adorable?!

I was bored while Davey was whittling away at his pumpkin, so I decided to do another one…

Our little pumpkin family. Like the “A” for Anderson?!


3 thoughts on “hey punkin

  1. Hey! Those pumpkins are amazing! I’m impressed!!! You guys are so creative. …looking forward to seeing you during the holidays. 🙂

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