Joshua Tree

Last weekend, we went camping at Joshua Tree. I’ve always wondered why they’re called Joshua Trees… 

so I looked it up. Mormon pioneers named the yucca tree the Joshua Tree because it mimicked the Old Testament prophet Joshua with upraised arms. Interesting huh?!

So, one of the trainers at Davey’s gym invited us on the trip. Here we all are ready to go bouldering!

here we are ready to shimmy under an enormous boulder!

out safe and sound

look close in the distance. Davey and 2 other guys went ahead of us and were waiting for us… on top of the bathroom?!

then we shot guns…

Davey hit the shell they flung up on the first shot! A regular Davey Crockett!

Then we went to the only restaurant for miles and there was a cool live band.

So we danced until our food came.

and here’s the cute waitress that brought us our food.

Then we walked around the little town where all the old western’s were filmed with John Wayne and all the buildings were smaller than normal to make the cowboys look bigger. Here we are in jail… just call us lovebird jailbirds.

The restaurant was 2 miles down the road from camp, and we had limited cars, so that’s me in the back of the pickup truck…

Here’s Davey and Mark… cooking eggs and brewing coffee.

I was scared to ride this at first, but it was really fun! And I went really fast!

Here we are about to climb up to the top!

Almost there!

Showing off

don’t jumpppppp

And there you have it. Our trip to Joshua Tree.


4 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. Wow!!!! Looks like a great adventure as usual with you two. Hey Jess…you now have another flying hair picture (the one in the pickup truck…haha). Its great!!! So this is your 3rd time there? Dad wants know if you have a favorite of Yosemite, Sequoia or Joshua Tree?? Maybe all three? Love you both!

    • my favorite is yosemite. Joshua tree is nice but same terrain, sequoia is typical cali terrain, but yosemite- especially half dome was beautiful! A little crowded though. Sequoia is a close second!

  2. Absolutely incredible!!! And I thought we were having a great time. Looks like a wonderful weekend. That was cool about the Joshua tree. I’m tire just looking at al the action. Love you both and felt like I was there reading the blog! Dad 🙂

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