Heat wave

While most of you are welcoming the cooler weather and crisp leaves back east, we’re fanning our faces out in California. Summer is here… a little late, but boy is it HOT! Davey is in heaven… he LOVES summer.

This past weekend, our friends Erik and Julie came to visit and we had a blast! There is one benefit to having summer start in September. Available fire pits! From memorial day to Labor day, all the fire pits on the beach are taken by kids and tourists. It’s impossible to get one… especially on a weekend. But not this weekend! We had the best of both worlds… got a prime time pit and enjoyed the warm weather and good friends! We’ve also been to the beach more this week than the whole summer.

We did a one trip wonder and managed to carry a cooler, towels, chairs, food, and a ton of wood to our pit in one trip. With the help of a skateboard

But I do miss fall though. Our street, lucky number 13th, is the only street with trees that change color. I love it!

So while we’re enduring the heat wave out here, enjoy the cool, crisp air back home!

p.s. here’s what happens when I try to bring in 6 grocery bags, one pumpkin and a flat of strawberries in one trip. Sometimes one trip wonders don’t work.


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