Awesome Austin

We just got home from the great city of Austin TX! What an AMAZING trip!!! Austin is such a cool city! We decided to save some money and not rent a car, which sounded like a good idea from the air conditioning of our hotel room. But about 2 miles into it, dripping with sweat in the hot Texas weather we were dying for a car! Haha! Despite that, we had a blast walking around and experiencing all the shops and restaurants along the way!

The main reason we were in Austin was for a conference called Impact which asks you the question “Are you having the impact you intend in life?” We all have impact, and often we are left wondering why it is that how people experience us is so different than we intended. The results or β€œfruit” we have is often not what we say we want. The Impact Training is an opportunity to bring into alignment your intention and impact.

This was an incredible life changing experience and now we’re spoiled for the ordinary!

We planned our trip to have a few days to see the sights after the conference and it was a blast!

pretty yellow flowers!

the kissing bridge

cooling off in the river on our trek downtown

Isn’t this the coolest picture ever?! Not to mention the delicious cupcake! I love the puffy clouds too!

Most authentic ny/nj pizza I’ve had outside ny/nj!


Austin skyline

Ok, that “phat sandwich” originated in RUTGERS UNITVERSITY, NJ! This gut bomb had fried chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cheesesteak, bacon, french fries, and ranch/bbq sauce. He couldn’t even finish it. (and he threw up all night)

capitol under construction

Walking through Zilker Park which is a trail along ladybird lake. AWESOME.

Eating amazing Texas bbq with Melody and Brandon… mmmm!!!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Austin

  1. Ok where are the pictures of Lance?
    All kidding aside, if I ever get to Austin, which probably won’t happen, 2 stops I will make are Mellow Johnny’s (Lance’s bike shop where they have some of his TDF bikes on exhibit), and Livestrong headquaters.

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