Longing for fall

Fall is my favorite season EVER! I love everything about it from pumpkin spice lattes, to beautiful, colorful trees, to starting school, to fires in the fireplace at night, to crisp air and bright blue sky, to lighting my machintosh apple candle, to baking pumpkin goodies, to wearing coats and scarves… ahhh I just love it!

But this is the closest thing to fall I’ve been getting these days here in southern California:

Thank God for the BING picture of the day. At least I can still light my fall candles and look at this picture 🙂

We’re going to Austin, Texas this weekend. I looked up the weather and we’re no closer to fall than we are here. It’s still in the 90’s! But there are THUNDERSTORMS predicted for Friday and Saturday! YAYYYY!!!! Davey thinks I’m crazy, but I love thunderstorms! It I can’t have fall (yet), then I’ll take thunderstorm! 🙂

After all, all sun and no rain makes a desert.


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