bike tire surprise

Two years ago, Davey surprised me and went to this huge flea market we have out here called the swap meet and bought me a bike. He fixed it up, painted it YELLOW, put leopard print fabric on the seat and handlebars and completed it with a basket! Here we are:

After a few years, and a ton of scratches, I decided to repaint my bike. To everyone’s shock, I decided to stray from my beloved favorite color yellow, too!

Here I am sanding my bike:

And that’s the last I ever saw of those tires. 😦

yes, it’s true. I left them out in front of the garage for 20 minutes and they were gone. Who steals bike tires?!

Davey and I looked around for some more tires and he even offered to buy me a new bike, but no way. It was too sentimental to part with.

The other night I came home from work to this:

Davey set up a hidden camera to capture my surprise too:

He’s wonderful! And now we have resumed our bike riding happily ever after 🙂


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