As we speak, my cheesecake is in the oven.

Davey’s birthday is on Friday, and this is my THIRD attempt at making him his favorite cake for his birthday. The last 2 years have been disastrous. But I’ve learned a lot about Davey from those flops…

The first year we were just dating and so I was trying to impress him. I guess I assumed that he liked all the fruit/chocolate toppings and that he’d be really excited about a the crust I made with almonds instead of graham crackers and a low-fat/healthy version of cheesecake. Well, I’m sorry, but cheesecake is only good if it’s made without counting calories.  Davey was so sweet about it and said it was the “best one he’s ever had”. Liar. I didn’t even take a picture of it. The next day, we went out to dinner and he got this dessert, which was much better.

You’d think I learned my lesson after year one, but no.  I researched for weeks and finally picked a recipe from Emeril… who I thought would make a killer cheesecake. He is Italian after all. Bad idea. The recipe called for lemon and lime and orange zest. That should’ve been my first clue. I thought, “Wow, last year I made it all wrong! You’re supposed to add citrus! That must have been what I did wrong!” Last year I was working 11a-11p and I got home around midnight and so I woke Davey up and sang to him… plus I was so excited I couldn’t wait till his birthday night to try my cheesecake! Here he is before:

And then we cut it and it was still liquid. Lemon flavored, cheesy liquid. YUK! Even worse than year one! Davey, keeping with tradition said, “It the best one I ever had”. Liar. But then he did admit he hates lemon flavor. Surprise! Failed attempt #2.

This year I’m determined. I’ve gotten a few recipes and just stuck to the basics.

Here it is so far. I’m pretty proud of the crust that I got to go up the sides!

I had to resist peeking in the oven while my masterpiece cooked. It smells really good. And the timer just went off… it looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself. But so did the last 2… So, stay tuned for the exciting sequel to this post!!!

p.s. and where would we be if I didn’t get some life lesson from cheesecake?! Oh I have one. I’ve realized that I learn more from my failures and mistakes than I do from my successes. I’ve also learned things about Davey that I wouldn’t have known had I not put lemon zest in the cheesecake! He’d probably be forcing down lemon chicken for dinner tonight! But taking risks and trying new things is always worth it! So maybe you might like almond crust or citrus flavor in your cheesecake… never know till you try it!!


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