In response to my last post, a dear friend (thanks Christine!) told me about this book by Brendan Manning where he asked God for the “gift of wonderment”…. That is, to be dazzled every day, even in the mundane day-to-day, with the wonderment of God. He started praying & asked God to give him this perspective as he viewed the world… And you know what? God did.  So she thought this was really cool & decided to ask God to give her the “gift of wonderment” too. And God answered– in overflow!!  So now, every day that goes by, there is not a single day that she doesn’t have a moment when she’s not in complete rapturous amazement about something that God did or something that He created!!!

I got this email during my break at a crazy day at work. And so I decided to ask for wonderment.

So I went back into work and I was immediately amazed by one of my patient’s blue eyes.  Bluest eyes I’d ever seen! In the busy ER, I NEVER notice my patients eyes. Yes, I look people in the eye when I’m talking to them, but I’ve never noticed the color. This simple little thing gave me such a thrill! WOW! God is so creative!

So here are some more wonderment moments:

This is our neighbor’s daughter at her 2nd birthday party… eating her second cupcake and getting it ALL over. SOOOO cute! I love that kids just don’t care if they have icing on their face. They are going to enjoy that cupcake whether they get messy or not!

YUM! This was our dinner. I cannot get enough of those colorful tomatoes! Almost to pretty to eat!! Almost…

Summer is finally here! Today was the first warm and beautiful day this summer!!! And the evening was just spectacular! Everything was enhanced… the smell of the fire, the sound of the crackling wood, the feel of the breeze, the deliciousness of the food… I was just BEing… and loving it!!

And last but not least, I’m always in wonderment that we manage to take everything out of the car in one trip. ONE TRIP WONDERS!!! Haha!

All of these are such simple things that I used to overlook and take for granted. It’s really cool to be completely amazed at  something. God said “I have come that they (you) may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)” John 10:10  I’ve always enjoyed  life, but now, with this wonderment, it’s overflowing!

And I actually stop and smell the roses!


One thought on “wonderment

  1. I would love to be on a west coast beach (free admission 🙂
    with a fire pit and my family!!!!!! We enjoyed that “up north”,
    but missed you both!!

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