the weekend

This is what the beach looked like this weekend:

The US Open of Surfing brought out every single person in California to Huntington Beach. Well, that’s what it seemed like. It has NEVER been this crowded! Text messages were delayed and you couldn’t even call anyone because the cell towers were so jammed up! Davey loves all the hype and the crowds and excitement… but me… not so much. But we braved the sea of faces every evening because they had really cool concerts on the beach. Switchfoot, Weezer and Cobra Starship were some of our favs! And can you believe, we actually found our friends, Lilian and Chris in this sea of madness!!!

I’m also happy to report that I ate sushi. I’m trying soooo hard to like it because Davey loves it and so do ALL of our friends. I don’t want to be the party pooper, so I swallow it down with a smile… and I’ll admit, it’s growing on me.

But if I thought sushi was bad, boy was I in for a surprise. We went with our friends Lilian and Chris to the OC fair yesterday… and check out what was on the menu:

yes, we did try the chocolate covered bacon. I was the only one who “liked” it. Well, I wouldn’t say like… it just wasn’t the worst thing I ever had. We definitely didn’t try that deep fried butter. That is so absolutely disgusting… how can they even think up something like that?

A chicken sandwich between 2 jelly donuts. People were actually in line for this. We stayed far away.

yes, this is called heart attack cafe. Items have names like, the flat liner, the bypass and the heart stopper. Do you see the line for these treats? Wow. This is fair food to the extreme. I didn’t have to do CPR on anyone, but I’m sure I’ll see a few people in the ER on Tuesday. We also saw a fried white castle burger, enormous chicken legs, fried frog legs, and fried klondike bars. EVERYTHING is fried. Eating “healthy” at the fair isn’t that easy. We splurged and tried the chocolate covered bacon, roasted corn, kettle corn, chocolate covered bananas and then relented and split a funnel cake. Here’s Davey and Lilian eating sushi… at the fair. They said it was pretty good… I’ll just trust them.

The main reason we went to the fair was for the Maloof Money skateboarding competition. I’m not a skateboarder… in fact, growing up, we just sat on our skateboard and “paddled” along with a hockey stick. HAHA! But Davey is a really good skateboarder…

These guys are insane. They are so fearless and did the craziest tricks!!! It was really exciting to watch!

We also raced down this slide (Davey won) and saw some ice sculptures in a 20 degree room…

Davey the banana says “That’s all for now. Bye!!!”


One thought on “the weekend

  1. jess whenever i go to the sushi place I always get the ones that have been cooked/baked. They are really really good and I don’t feel so gross eating them! Good luck.

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