love. marriage. and a baby carriage.

… first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…

this past weekend we flew home to NJ for all of the above!

We LOVE seeing our family and friends…

we watched Jimmy and Danielle’s MARRIAGE begin…

and we fell in love with BABY Lena…

First of all, my dad’s garden should be named Eden. Or it should be considered a national park. It’s pretty amazing! We LOVED the tomatoes:


And the flowers are soooooo beautiful and happy!!!

Kim and Mike’s community garden in Philly is pretty awesome too!

We enjoyed picture perfect weather with little to no humidity and beautiful blue skies all weekend! We almost don’t believe everyone when they tell us how hot it’s been! Not only was the weather great, but it was great to see family! Look who we ran into at Wendy’s:

On a whim, we drove by grandparent’s usual lunch stop and they were there!!! We didn’t even plan it! It was great to see them!!! Don’t you love my grandma’s yellow sweater?!

On Sunday, we had a family bbq hosted by my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Louis in their amazing backyard! Here we all are doing what we do best: eating, talking and laughing!

We LOVE our family!

Now, onto MARRIAGE.

On Saturday, our friends Jimmy and Danielle got married…

it was an awesome ceremony (Jimmy even wrote Danielle a song and sang to her… awwww!) We are so happy for the Acenio’s and can’t wait to have some adventures with them! They are such a stellar couple and we are so happy they are in our lives, whether it’s on the east coast or the west coast, where we keep trying to get them to move!

It was also great to see my sweet friend Cassie, who was my first visitor when I moved to Cali!

We had a blast celebrating and are so pumped to see the newlyweds in a few weeks when they road trip out to California!

And now onto BABY Lena.

WOW. She’s a doll. We’re in love! What a beautiful little baby she is! And Kim and Mike are naturals at being parents! I was so excited that I got to see her twice, once at the family party and then again the next day in Philly! Thanks Kim and Mike for letting me hog her for a little!

And thanks to Sheryl who kept a watchful eye on us all when we were holding her, haha!

we even wore matching outfits the next day! I guess we’ve become those people who take so many pictures of the baby that we forget to take pictures with the “grown-ups”, which is why I have no pictures with Kim and Mike. But we did get a picture in front of the old jail in Philly… that’s why I’m handcuffing Davey, haha!

We miss you all already and can’t wait to come visit again soon!!!


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