Davey’s hair

Nothing new or exciting happening here. We’re both feeling restless and just praying and waiting on God to show us our next step…

In the meantime, Davey recently found his backup hard drive which had TONS of pictures on it… and as we scrolled through the albums, I noticed that Davey had some pretty sweet hairstyles.

So with his permission, of course, I thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of Davey’s hair (minus the mullet ones that he refused to let me post). Which one is your favorite?

I like them all… not that I’m partial or anything!


2 thoughts on “Davey’s hair

  1. Geez, he’s got more hairstyles than Oprah! How lucky he is to have that much choice. Unkle Lou would kill for just one more option! 🙂

    All kidding aside, he looks great in them all but I like the short do the best!

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