29 is the number of years my parents have been married!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!!

I’m gonna get a little mushy here…  it’s been such an amazing blessing to have parents that are still in love and who are an amazing example of a godly marriage! In this day an age, people are too eager to call it quits when things get tough, so I really admire and respect my parents and others who have stuck together… 29 years is definitely something to celebrate!!!!

A lot of times I ask my older patients how long they’ve been married and what is their secret. I’ve gotten some awesome and funny answers:

“she worked days and I worked nights”

“I had a strong punch”

“We never went to bed angry”

“2 words, ‘yes dear'”

“When she said jump, I said, ‘how high'”

“I don’t know”

“it requires sacrifice and being able to give and take”

“love each other”

“Always hold hands”

I could go on and on… but there’s something remarkable about growing old together with the love of your life. A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken, and a marriage built on the foundation of Christ is bound to stand the test of time. So, again, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you!!!


3 thoughts on “29

  1. Hey Jess,
    I love your website. I love reading about your new life. Looks like your having way too much fun!!!

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