gloom and bleach.

I’m going to apologize in advance to my beloved friends and family on the east coast suffering in the extreme heat and humitity.

I’m wearing a scarf today.

And I haven’t seen the sun all week. I feel like I moved to Seattle… or China. Somewhere where a thick, cloudy haze decides to camp out over the city… forever. I’ll admit, it’s a little bit depressing. But it’s also nice for going to the movies and coffee shops and sitting at Barnes & Noble reading all afternoon. For me, cloudy weather is an excuse to be lazy. When the sun is shining, I feel obligated to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. So when the weather is less than par, I don’t feel even the least bit guilty for “wasting” the day indoors.  However, growing up in NJ, I’m accustomed to cloudy days producing rain. Which is even more wonderful. But here, it’s just cloudy. I’m about to do the rain dance we used to do when we were kids… or shoot an arrow into the sky. Either way, I’m ready for the sun.

And t it’s also cold.

Complete topic change.

Davey called poison control last night.

Davey’s two friends are staying at our apt for a few days and, well, I went a little crazy cleaning the bathroom yesterday in an attempt to impress them. But I should’ve not even cleaned the bathroom because they’re boys and boys don’t look to make sure that the grout between the tiles is clean. I must have killed too many brain cells inhailing the bleach because there I was, with my rubber gloves and a pair of sunglasses, scrubbing the tiles with a toothbrush. Ever since, all I can smell is bleach and my lungs hurt to breath.

I also mixed cleaning products. Guess you’re not supposed to do that. Whoops. Davey even knew that.

But I’m happy to report, I’m totally fine. So if you want to come visit and escape the heat, we’ll have dinner on the bathroom floor… it’s THAT clean.


One thought on “gloom and bleach.

  1. It’s super sunny and hot up here … maybe Northern California is the place to be??? Hehe!! I hope it gets sunnier down there! And I’m glad to know you are learning about cleaning supplies too … I just learned that from a friend and was a little embarrassed the I was so shocked to learn it and everyone else already knew it. I’m more glad to know you are ok!!!

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