4th (&5th) of July

Here in Huntington Beach, people take the 4th of July very seriously. People decorate their houses more for this holiday than they do for Christmas. Here are a few examples. You will notice that the first house has a ladder leaning on it. Well, they weren’t done decorating because they added some red, white and blue flip flops and a patriotic surf board all over the side of the house and the roof…

This one is hard to see, but every inch of the porch is covered. I’d say they’re proud to be an American.

Davey and I went with the “less is more” theme. Here is our decoration. We’re also proud to be Americans!

The Sugar Shack (a.k.a best breakfast place in the west coast and we’ll take you there if you come and visit) has Christmas decorations and 4th of July decorations in storage boxes in the bathroom. The town goes all out. Independence day is really fun here in HB. The day starts off with a 5k race, which Davey ran with some of his boot campers. (I had to work so I didn’t get to run).

Davey also ran with some of his boot campers kids… he fit right in, he he!

Then the parade starts…

At midnight on July 3rd, you are allowed to stake your claim on the parade route. People sidewalk chalk the pavement, run caution take around their “spot”, chain chairs to trees and put up no trespassing signs in their area. The parade is pretty cool and very patriotic.

It feels like everyone in California squeezes into Huntington Beach on the 4th of July because it is SOOOOO crowded. They close down the main road and all you can see for miles is people.

I got home from work in time to see the fireworks which was nice!

July 5th was more fun for us because we both had off. We went hiking at Griffith Park in LA, and as I write this, my calves are still burning. There were some pretty intense hills…

and we made it to the top!

The June gloom has faded into July dull sky… it’s usually cloudy and foggy ALL morning and sometimes, if we’re lucky, the sun comes out around noon. Today we were lucky…

If you ever go to LA, you have to eat at Alcove. It is pretty much amazing. Recommended to us by one of Davey’s clients, it’s the cutest little cafe with a great ambiance and ridiculously good food.

and we drooled over those cakes while standing in line.


2 thoughts on “4th (&5th) of July

  1. Hey….I wouldn’t mind living in Huntington Beach…sounds like fun…and I’ll take June gloom over N.J. July humidity anyday!!!….nice dress btw!!! Love you two!!!

  2. Hey! Chris and I hiked that trail in LA! It was just a few blocks behind our apartment when we were out there as travel RN’s. I distinctly remember the awesome views and and the quad burn. πŸ™‚

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