Jordan and Mandy sitting in a tree..

Well, they actually were sitting in a grassy area in the woods when Jordan popped the big question… and he wasn’t sitting, but kneeling on one knee. Anyway, the most important part is that Mandy said “YES!!!” This is the only picture that I have… Maybe they will start a blog and post some more.

This has been a most anticipated event and we couldn’t be happier… except if we were in NJ celebrating in person. But there’s been celebrations on the west coast too… lots of jumping for joy, dancing and screaming! AND we got to video chat, so it’s kind of like we’re there. Thanks to Jordan and my family for keeping me posted, sending pictures and making us feel “in the loop”. (And if you send me more pictures, I’ll post them, hint hint)

Congrats to the glowing couple who can’t stop smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and neither can we)

p.s. AND not only am I THRILLED beyond belief to have Mandy as a new sister, but I’m also excited because her sister is my best friend, so now Greta and I are practically related!!! Can’t get much better than that!

addendum: I just got 8 emails of pictures from my mom and Jordan… here are a few!

creative and beautiful shot of the RING

someone’s excited!!!

the perfect picnic with a very happy ending!

the happy couple

Copy cats. (Davey and I did this when we got engaged. Guess a good thing catches on…)


3 thoughts on “Jordan and Mandy sitting in a tree..

  1. YIPEEEEEE!!!!! We are FAMILY!!!!!! I just might comment on every post from now on. This is fun. Hi Mrs. Minnema!

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