un gran primer año juntos (a great 1st year together)

In light of us celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Mexico, the rest of this post will be in Spanish…

Just kidding– but I am inspired to learn more Spanish than “do you have pain?” or “speak slower, I don’t comprehend what you’re saying” or “no more Morphine”.

June 20th 2009 was the best rainy day of our lives…

And June 20th 2010 pretty great too! (and it didn’t rain)

We spent a week just south of Cancun (thanks to my Aunt Lisa who let us use her time share!) We had a great time relaxing… but only for a day! We are not the type of travelers who enjoy a week lounging by the pool soaking in the sun. In fact, I try to hide from the sun! Anyway, we need a vacation after our vacation because it’s usually go, go, go. But that’s what we love and we’re so glad that we agree on that. However, our traveling style is a bit different… Davey is a very fearless traveler… “let’s see what’s down this dark alley” and “let’s eat this weird thing we don’t know what it is” and “I’m going to try to swim and see what’s in that cave”… and I’m a bit more cautious… “is the hotel door locked?” ” do you have your passport?” “here’s some hand sanitizer…” But it works and we balance each other out well. And that is one thing we’ve learned in our first year of marriage. We’re changing and growing for the better because of the other 🙂

Ok, back to our trip: the first thing we had to endure was the HEAT AND HUMIDITY. I have never sweat (sweated… however you say it) so much in my life. You step outside and just become DRENCHED. I don’t think I was dry until we got home to California. But we didn’t let that stop us!!!

We explored the town of Playa Del Carmen and navigated through the numerous shop keepers telling us to buy their trinkets… we veered off the beaten path a bit because Davey wanted some authentic Mexican tacos “from one of those hole in the wall places”… we had an adventure at Wal-Mart while trying to read the Spanish labels… we swam in the warm ocean…

…and then our camera broke. We tried to use our video camera, but it just wasn’t the same. The reason we were so bummed was because we do all these weird and crazy self timed pictures that would just be so awkward for someone to take for us. So we asked some locals where we could get a new one, and although we think the guy probably, no definitely, overcharged us, we left Tulum with a camera in hand. YAY!

Speaking of a ruined camera, we loved seeing the Mayan ruins! We tried to beat the tourist buses by leaving super early and it was worth it. Our first stop (in our mexican rental car) was Tulum… the smallest ruins we saw, but with a beach side view! If I was a Mayan, I’d live here.

By this time, we were dripping hot, so we swam in the ocean and then drove to a cenote (a huge hole in the middle of the jungle filled with water that the Mayans used for the underground cave water system) and snorkled around in the cool water…

This was Davey’s favorite part. I almost cried when I thought I’d have to go into the bat infested cave in search of Davey who wanted to explore. He made it out with a few scratches and almost lost his flipper, but was safe and sound. Swimming in the cenote was the ONLY time I was cold on this trip

But then we were dripping again a few seconds later, so we stopped along the road for some coco frios! The lady just chopped the top off with a machete and we drank the coconut milk… yum!!!

Next we visited the ruins at Coba. They were so spread out that we had to ride bikes! This was also the only ruins that you could climb on!!!

Then we drove up to the little town of Pisa and found a hotel for the night. We wanted to wake up early to get to the ruins before everyone else, BUT… panic… we realized we didn’t have a clock, phone, alarm or any way to wake up. So we prayed that God would wake us up at 6:30 am. This is what we woke up to:

One of the birds was literally pecking on our window and chirping at exactly 6:27am. It left as if we pressed snooze and 5 min later was at it again! This was one of my favorite parts of the trip! God’s sent us a bird to wake us up! How cool is that?! (and the hotel manager said he didn’t train them to do that either!)

So off we went to see our 1st manmade wonder of the world, Chichen Itza (our travel book said it rhymes with chicken pizza, ha) and it was magnificent!!!

so now we’ve decided to go visit the other 6 wonders of the world…

The best part of the trip was the part we didn’t plan. We took a ferry over to the island of Cozumel with the intent to find a dive shop for Davey to go scuba diving at the world famous reef. So after escaping the tourist traps and overpriced “tours”, we found ourselves walking up and down quiet streets… Davey even used a pay phone to try and call one of the dive shops that the travel book recommended.

Wrong number. Sheesh. In a last ditch effort, we kinda fell upon a shop called Scuba Gamma. A darling French couple welcomed us in and we sat and chatted with them for maybe 2 hours! They moved here from France 7 years ago to run the shop and they were the most hospitable, friendly people you’d ever meet! Unfortunately Davey missed the dive for that day and would have to go the next day, but there was NO WAY we could catch the shuttle to the ferry to make it here on time, so we decided to spontaneously stay the night! And God provided us with a $38/night bungalow at a bed and breakfast that was owned by the French couple’s friend!!! It was adorable!!! And yet again, God came through!

Davey also got to take a refresher dive with this cool guy named Sixto. We were so impressed at how well everyone knew English and at how nice they were! (It was so cute to hear the French couple speak Spanish in their French accents, but they were fluent and Danielle, the wife, was learning HEBREW!)

(do you see that tarp shelter in the background on the top right of the picture? That’s where I sat and waited while they dove… yikes!)

***Sorry, this is turning into a REALLY long post, but there’s so much to tell you!!! ***

So, we had the whole night that we didn’t plan to be on the island, so we found a place to snorkel and then we (mostly Davey) decided to rent a motor scooter and explore the island! And of course we ate at a “hole in the wall” mexican place. (get out the hand sanitizer!) That evening, it got cloudy and rained, but then the sun came back out and we saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen… and we drove off on motorbike into the sunset … (this is my favorite picture from our trip, too)

The next day, we got up and scooted to the shop and the French couple were nice enough to let me ride on the boat for free! (I was nervous at what I’d do while Davey was underwater) Davey did 2 dives and said they were “EPIC”! No shark sightings, but he did see cool fish and creatures and got to swim through caves in the reef! But back on the boat… I was alone with the pirate looking guy on the right (the other 2 are the dive masters)

He didn’t speak English, so I decided to break the ice and impress him with my Spanish. After all, we were the only 2 on the boat for about 2 hours… yup. Didn’t work. He had no idea what I was saying, and neither did I. Oh well. Silence isn’t that awkward… but it kinda was because it started to rain. Not just drops, but a HURRICANE. I wished Jesus was on our boat to calm the storm because the boat was rocking. And so was my stomach. My boat driver friend also made no effort to move over and make room for me under the shelter of the cabin, so I just skooched (sp?) my way in and sat down… right under the only open window. So I got drenched anyway. If it’s not sweat, it’s rain…

But Davey had a blast! Here he is ready to take the plunge!

We then decided we’d spend the rest of the day scooting around the island on our motor bike. Our butts weren’t too happy… the island is WAYYYY bigger than we thought and it took us about 3 hours. I felt like I was riding to Aspen like Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber minus the snot icicles. But it was fun anyway. We also stopped at this fruit stand and ate these really weird slimy fruits and the best mini bananas that taste like banana cream pie.

We (Davey) ate fish with heads, eye balls and teeth (and they were surprisingly delicious once I covered the face with a napkin)

We saw a car with a license place from NEW JERSEY!!!!

Davey climbed the ruins in the resort pool

And we had a blast just being together for 8 straight days! Being married is truly an adventure and we’ve loved every minute of it so far! We’ve grown together and in the Lord. This year we’ve had to rely on God, depend on His provision, seek Him for guidance and direction, and trust His promises and (my least favorite) wait on Him. And like he was on our trip, He ALWAYS comes through and is faithful… not usually in the way we expect or want, but in the way we need and that is best. Ecclesiastes says “a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken” and I’d say me, Davey, and God are a pretty radical team!

p.s. yes it’s true that everyone stops everything to watch Mexico play in the world cup


3 thoughts on “un gran primer año juntos (a great 1st year together)

  1. I LOVE reading the story of your adventures!! It sounds like an incredible trip 🙂 I can’t wait until we can have more adventures together!!!!!!

  2. I loved this post and I love your blog!!!! You literally have me laughing out loud, you write just like you talk!

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