I’ve only been white water rafting once. And all I can remember is that our guide dove out of the raft and then came up with a bloody nose. Davey, on the other hand, has rafted a lot of super big rapids.

Last weekend we went white water rafting down the Kern river with a bunch of people we didn’t know. But the fact that we didn’t know anyone was such an answer to prayer! We’ve been praying for friends at our new church and when my friend Christine invited us on this trip, we jumped at the opportunity! We met a ton of AWESOME, adventurous, solid Christian people and we had a blast rafting down the rapids!

Here we are with captain Ed… he was an awesome guide and would yell out where and when to paddle. It was pretty cool because I had to fight my need to be in control and just trust Ed and his directions, even though I couldn’t see him. (there’s a lot of life lessons on the river, haha)

I had to “go with the flow” and relax and when we all worked as a team, we made it through some pretty big rapids! Here we are in action! We rafted class 4 rapids… class 5 are insane and class 6 are unraftable.

I’ll admit, I was a little scared at first. Call it the ER nurse in me, but I kept imagining myself being thrown from the raft and impaled with a tree stump that was hiding under the water or cracking my teeth on a rock… even after the safety talk, I didn’t feel any better. But I swallowed my fear and went for it– geared up with a life vest, splash jacket and a helmet. (Meanwhile, Davey was hoping for some bigger rapids than what we were doing! ahhh!)

It was so fun to raft with our new friends! It builds an instant bond because you have to work as a team to get through and everyone else’s safety is in your hands.

It was kinda crazy that they told us to lean out of the raft as far as we could and that was what would stabalize us the best. We had a little foot cup for one foot and we had to wedge our other foot under the raft… and then lean out! AHH! But it worked! Until my worst fear came true… I fell out. We went over this rock sideways and I lost my foot hold and just slipped out. The shock of the freezing water and the realization that my worst fear came true had my adrenaline pumping! Everyone sprang into action and pulled me back in. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. It was kinda fun actually! Ed, our river guide made an interesting comment. He said, “When you live life aggressively and go for it, life is more exciting and it goes smoothly (like going through the rapids). But if you live timidly and are fearful that you’ll get hurt, or fall out of the raft, you most likely will.” I thought that this was so true. Rafting reminded me a lot of the storms in our life. The raging white water looks so scary and you think for sure your boat will capsize. But when you listen and trust the guide’s leading and take risks and focus, it’s never as bad as it looks. And it ALWAYS leads to calm waters.

So that’s my deep thoughts on our fun weekend! Here’s some more pictures:


One thought on “Rapids

  1. I love your deep thoughts … it totally makes me think about my fears in life too … so good to think about! AND I’m so glad you had a great time living the adventure!!

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