why we workout…

I haven’t been running in awhile. It’s probably one of my least favorite things to do. For awhile, I tried to trick myself into liking it. But it hurts my hips (and everything else). So I’ve been swimming and taking spin classes, which I love. Besides a few sore muscles, my hips have never been better! Until today. This afternoon, we made ourselves go for a run along the beach. We tried to make it fun by stopping to do pushups, going up and down the stairs and dodging the bikers… but to no avail. Running is still running. And pushups are never fun. So why do we even work out anyway? Let me tell you why…

As we were running home  (well, Davey was running… I was going at a sloth’s pace) this guy rode by on one of those carts that you sit in and he pulls you around. I thought he was about to ask us if we wanted a ride, to which I would’ve said YES! But instead he asked us something BETTER! He asked us if we wanted FREE pizza and ice cream! YES YES YES!!! (after we got our free coupon cards, Davey asked why I was now running so fast. DUH!!!)

And that is why we work out. To eat pizza and ice cream 🙂 he he


One thought on “why we workout…

  1. Quite possibly the best reason to work out!!! And something I need to do more of, because I eat more pizza and ice cream than I run!

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