memorial day memories

This memorial weekend, we woke up at 4am and drove all the way to Sonora for a family reunion! Davey’s uncle Roger has this awesome cabin in the woods!

We had such a great time hanging out, making campfires, playing badminton, barbecuing, playing catch phrase, running from the girls and their water guns, and just hanging out! Erik and Julie even drove over for the evening! As always, it was great to see them!

Uncle Roger spend the whole day getting his 2 boats water worthy and the moment we pushed off the dock, we got “pulled over” by the police boat and given 13 citations. Those police boat guys are such party poopers. One thing I love about Davey’s family is that they’re so go with the flow! No one let it ruin their day and we made the best of it by grilling on the (docked) boat and taking the jet ski out for rides.

don’t worry mom. we LATHERED on the sunscreen. SPF 70 to be exact 🙂

So, we learned a lot about each other this weekend too. We’re a perfect match and we balance each other out so well! My type A, plan ahead, get-there-on-time personality gets Davey moving; and his relaxed, laid-back, figure-it-out-when-we-get-there mentality makes gets me to chill out. For example, as we were packing, I needed to know everything we were going to do this weekend in the woods so I could dress accordingly. He didn’t really know what we were going to do. “just bring clothes” he said. 🙂 And then on the way home, we stopped at our normal rest area (Bravo Farms which has yummy cheese samples). But as we were driving back to the highway, Davey saw a cherry orchard and wanted to stop and pick cherries… notice the Sorry, we’re closed sign in the window?!

But had we never stopped, Davey wouldn’t have made friends with one of the workers who gave us a bag and told us where the best cherries are! I love that about Davey… he’s adventurous and always has time for stops and for picking cherries. (p.s. those were the best cherries I ever tasted!)


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